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Product development

Our primary focus is on the success of your product. Due to our many years of experience, our technical know-how as well as our unique worldwide network we are able to successfully realize your product idea. In doing so, we not only consider your vision and the desired quality, but also the given budget. In addition to the product development process, we offer you the examination, evaluation, and optimization of all processes associated with your product. Direct and indirect processes, which are validated during the industrialization, ensure the achievement of objectives.


Our development services usually consist of the following contents: 

  • Evaluation of the business case - development of a common goal

  • Creation of an opportunity and risk profile and its evaluation

  • Formulation of value drivers and unique selling propositions (USP)

  • Feasibility analysis and cost engineering

  • Conception and basic design

  • Product Design via partnerships

  • Supply chain optimization

  • Optimization of the production process in time and quality

  • Monitoring the ramp up regarding cost and quality


Business process engineering

Successful implementation of a business or product idea requires a clear organization and structure. To routinely manage and develop your business, clearly defined processes are the foundation of growth. Together with you and your team, and taking your entrepreneurial vision into account, we form and design the value-adding core processes. By involving all members of the organization, added value is created for the entire company. These defined processes form the basis for scalability and innovation.


Following are our main aspects regarding Business Process Engineering:

  • Engineering and project management

  • Production and its optimization

  • Procurement

  • Sales and Order Management

  • Management processes


Global Sourcing and Procurement


Decades of international experience in the field of sourcing and procurement as well as a unique supplier network predestine Techlive to not only take over procurement and sourcing but also to optimize purchasing processes. Thereby, the strategic orientation and the corporate guidelines are central. With our know-how we optimize your procurement in order to generate sustainable conditions (costs, quality, delivery reliability) and long-term relationships.


The following are our focal points:

  • Worldwide sourcing and supplier validation 

  • Maximizing quality and reliability

  • Minimization of capacity utilization risks

  • Optimization of purchasing conditions

  • Strategy development for supply security

Organizational Development

A living organization - holistically but also on departmental level - is a fundamental necessity. A scalable basis is created by a successfully implemented organization which is accepted by its members. Lean organizations that are geared towards corporate success allow maximum agility and promote group dynamics (teamwork). Measurable success and its presentation sparks motivation.


A complementary aspect of organizational development is the creation of values in the area of knowledge management and representation. Output of organizational development means increased employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Business Process Engineering
Welteites Sourcing und Beschaffung
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