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We are Techlive

Arno Starz

Owner and CEO


Arno Starz started his career as a car mechatronics engineer and passed his master craftsman's examination in the same field early on. Then he completed professional training as a cooling technician in addition to a vehicle electronics diploma.


His entrepreneurial career began at the age of just 26.  In tandem with the establishment of several service and production companies, he completed his master's degree in industrial engineering.


In the year 2020, his passion for technology and business and the search for a new challenge drove him to the founding of Techlive Consulting & Trading GmbH.


Motivation: To share the experienced and learned knowledge and transform it into success.

Alexander Gut



Alexander Gut is a graduate in business administration and has specialized in the field of corporate development.


Parallel to his employment at Techlive, he is currently completing a Master's degree in Business Management at the University of St. Gallen.


Alexander Gut is currently employed as a Junior Consultant at Techlive.


Motivation: Achieve business success by implementing change processes.

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